PAs Are Creative, Too!

In honor of PA week 2017 and the 50 year anniversary of the field, I collaborated with Medelita to highlight this unique group of individuals and explain the ways in which PAs are creative beings.

New Grads in Family Medicine

This post is for those who are considering a job in family medicine straight out of PA school. I started my first job 3 years ago in family medicine. I spent one year at the first practice, and I have been at my current practice in family medicine for 2 years.

Whiter Teeth in 2 Minutes!

I have very sensitive teeth. I once got them "professionally" whitened (at the mall) and I had to stop halfway through! Lately Crest Whitening strips have been my go-to product. Unfortunately, I even get sharp pain using these at home strips, and I have to space them out to every few days. 

Writing the Personal Statement

Word on the street is that CASPA opens up in a few days! I’m feeling really old because I submitted my applications back in 2011, so I couldn’t tell you much about CASPA.  I do want to help pre-PAs in any way I can though, and writing has always been my forte. So I am going to give some advice about the personal statement.